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Spock I 

Created By:  quogs


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Description: Official CBS Star Trek QUOGS ? New Cartoon-style TOS Characters. Now available as PREMIUM WALL GRAPHICS.

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Description: Official CBS Star Trek QUOGS ? New Cartoon-style TOS Characters. Now available as PREMIUM WALL GRAPHICS.


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Do Your Lonely Walls Bore You? Make Them Inspire You!

Do you ever catch yourself slugging away in your dreary office on a Monday morning? Do you ever come back to four grey walls making you feel empty and lonely? You finally can do something about this big void, these dull walls sucking all of the energy out of you. Refill your surrounding with passion and emotion through your very own life-size wall graphic. Replace boredom with colorful landscape snapshots. Install panoramic images of romantic getaways or your favorite icons on your walls. Turn any flat surface into sun light ridden wells of motivation and inspiration. Make big statements with images of what you truly care about. Flow with the new energy to live your dreams.


Bring Your Walls Back to Life in 10 Minutes or Less!

LTL makes it fast and simple for you. Select your dream image among thousands of wall graphics to choose from. Complete your order conveniently online and we promise to print & ship your hand-rolled package of inspiration in 2 business days. The Peel & Stick wall graphics make it easy on you to adhere them to any flat surface in just a couple of minutes. Whether you try to escape to a deserted beach, walk the walk of your favorite city or traverse a great mountain range. Your lonely walls will be transformed in minutes yet your motivation and source of inspiration is there for you to stay.


Join over 84,754 Satisfied Customers

Our passion to bring lonely walls to live resonated with over 83,417 satisfied customers since 2008. We’ve down it all: 40 feet by 10 feet murals, 7 feet panoramic shots, company logos, trade show booths, live size family graphics or kids rooms. Our thousands of satisfied customers just like you have used LTL Prints to make transformations in their life. Businesses have revamped their work spaces with logos, graphics, and wall art, restaurants have regained an appetite for passion, and living rooms around the world have been brought back to life. Join the thousands of other satisfied customers and order the fastest growing trend today.


The purpose of Course – Enjoying The Walls Around You

The LTL wall graphics are made to be there for you – day in and day out. Your only real goal is to bring your passion home, to feel homey and to be inspired or energized. Don’t let your walls get you down! Don’t let positive emotions fade away! Don’t let another uninspired day go by! Bring back your passion and emotion! Get yourself motivated with LTL’s wall graphics and most importantly – enjoy your surroundings at home or in the office.


The LTL Approach is Quick, Fun, and Easy

The entire LTL Approach is what wall decoration should be: quick, fun, and easy! Our wall graphics are so effective because anyone can install a wall graphic in minutes. For a fraction of the cost you can have the look and feel of a professional installation – without actually having to spend big on professional wall paper hangers. No glue, No holes, No mess, no Fuzz. Plain and simple: Peel & Stick.


What the Press Has To Say About LTLprints

  • “It’s hard to really get excited about stickers, but these are actually pretty impressive They’re made out of a study fabric-based paper that’s really hard to tear (we tried), and it can also be applied many times on various surfaces, like walls and glass. You can roll the sticker up in a ball, and it will pull apart without any lasting damage. [..] It becomes clear that these are truly some high grade stickers .

    “Unlike posters, LTL's gigantic prints don't tear easily and have a special adhesive that makes it possible to pull the graphic down and re-apply. They come in every imaginable design and the biggest prints are over 7 feet tall, but be careful: It takes a special kind of nerd to hang up a 7-foot cartoon Captain Kirk in his room. ”

  • “Rather than using vinyl, LTLprints is printing on a premium material that is called 'self-adhesive repositionable fabric paper', and will stick to almost any surface (walls, windows, even ceilings), and can be removed and re-hung 100 times without leaving a mark or damaging your walls.”

    “Wall decor's an easy way to take a room to whole a new level. Take care of your walls and margin of error, with LTL Prints. Philly-based LTL creates oversized self-adhesive wall decals printed on seamless sheets of fabric paper that can be hung, re-positioned & removed 100 times without leaving behind any residue. LTLprints features an online virtual catalog that draws from a library of more than 8 million images, all of which LTL scales up or down to your size specifications, prints on demand, and ships within 48 hours. ”


What Our Customers Say About LTLprints

  • “The order came and it was everything we had hoped for.  I just want to say from a personal level that your team did an awesome job on my print and I was very happy with the overall service. I have already recommended you all to several of my friends and I will be a customer for a very long time.
    Thank you....Thank you and Thank you.”

    --Jennifer R. S., St. Petersburg, FL

    “Our ordering experience was wonderful. The wall graphics are stunning and we are excited to use them in our trade show. The website was easy to use and your help with a couple of our file issues was invaluable.”

    --Michelle T., Reston, VA

  • “My experience with LTL was great!  My daughter & I LOVE the prints!  The site was extremely easy to use & you personally were very helpful in finding exactly what my 11 year old was looking for to put in her new room. The customer service was outstanding!
     Thanks for everything!”

    --Kim & Autumn K., Mountain Top, PA

    “I want to thank you for helping me find the right picture for our family room. It looks AMAZING! We love it. I could not have had a better experience with LTLprints. Excellent customer service, premium quality print and a fast delivery.”

    --Liza S., San Francisco, CA


Spock I 

Created By:  quogs


Standard Size:

Custom Size:

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