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There are currently multiple'wall graphic' options available to consumers globally. Several companies are selling monochromatic wall decals. Other companies are selling low quality vinyl one-time-use only stickers.

Our approach is quite a bit different.

LTLprints is working with some of the world's premier artists, designers, and brands to CREATE a revolutionary new medium for creative expression!

Our BIG WALL GRAPHICS are printed with eco-solvent digital inks at 1440 dpi on a premium 10 mil self-adhesive fabric paper.

The end result?

Larger-than-life wall graphics that will quite literally transform a room for less than $200!

This new material is really amazing- it looks great, it sticks to anything (walls, windows, ceilings, doors, concrete), and can be moved and re-hung 100 times without leaving a mark or damaging your walls.

When one of our artists saw it for the first time, she observed that 'It feels like silk and looks like paint on the wall.'

Which is the best description we have heard so far!

Your prints large on your wall
Multiple Custom Cutouts...
...can be placed on the available print area. This means for any sized print you can recieve many smaller prints to personalize your space.
Your prints large on your wall
Select the size...
... that fits you best. We print in a wide array of sizes. Contact us for a custom size quote.
Your prints large on your wall
Decorate your wall and make a statement
big time.
Larger Than Life (LTL) 7ft: Longest Side 7' or 82": $149.95
Extra Large 6ft: Longest Side 6' or 72" $129.95
Large 5ft: Longest Side or 5' or 60"$99.95
Medium 4ft: Longest Side 4' or 48" $74.95
Small 3ft: Longest Side 3' or 38" $49.95
Little 2ft: Longest Side 2' or 24" $24.95
Laptop 1ft: Longest Side 1' or 12" $24.95
LTLprints are about you
emphasizing your uniqueness.
LTLprints are made from your images and artwork displaying you, your passion, your ideas, your family, your friends, your vision, your idols, your values and your creativity.
Put your LTLPrints wherever you want and as often as you want
we're versatile.
You can remove your LTLprints as often as you want. Our tests show you can move it over 10 times and it still sticks and sticks and sticks. If you want to change your decor or have to move out of your space, just pull your LTLprints down and take it with you. There is no need to repaint the walls or fill in nail holes.
High Quality
Your LTLprints look great and are there for you
they last a long time.
Printed on a new and innovative cloth material, LTLprints provide long durability. We print with the best, six color, large-format printers assuring true color matte finished prints. LTLprints are UV resistant, safe, and durable.
Your passion and
you are the focus.
We remove backgrounds on your pictures for FREE. You or your passion will be the focus on your unique LTLprints. Do you want to add text in a speech bubble to your print? No problem. Let us know what you want cutout of your picture and what text to add - we prepare the print for you and send it to you for your approval before anything goes to our printers.
Easy to Install
LTLprints are on your wall
in no time.
The fun starts when you receive your LTLprints - delivered right to your front door. Select big empty spots on your wall large enough for your LTLprints. Peel the backing off the LTLprints, line them up on the wall, press down and smooth out the prints. Our material is super forgiving so don't worry if you see small wrinkles or air bubbles, smooth them out and you're DONE! Enjoy your unique LTLprints. Sure, you should avoid putting the adhesive sides together, but if it happens - don't worry. Our material is so forgiving that if LTLprints stick to themselves you can gently pull the sticky sides apart without any damage. Did we mention we use an amazingly easy material to use?
Sticks to Almost Any Surface
LTLprints will stick
nearly anywhere.
LTLprints are self-adhesive and stick to almost any flat surface. Painted walls, brick-walls, glass, wooden doors, or wallpaper - you name it. Do you have a wall that would need some fresh decoration and personalization? Your LTLprints will stick on it - no doubt! Envision how your unique picture or print idea could come to walls, exactly where you want to display it.
Affordable prices make LTLprints a
great deal.
LTLprints are the new, unique and innovative way to decorate your world. Have you been looking for a great alternative to custom painted murals - easily costing more than 300 dollars? Do you want to quickly enlighten your walls but avoid high renovation cost if you have to move? LTLprints is the affordable solution with print prices starting at 100 dollars for a large size print.
To you and your walls LTLprints are
Our LTLprints are almost indestructible. Our material is so forgiving that if LTLprints stick to themselves you can pull the sticky sides apart without any damage. Your print will stick and stick - but when it comes time to pull it down, your walls are safe. None of the adhesive remains on your walls and the material, ink and adhesive are non-toxic. Do you have small kids at home? No worries - your LTLprints are too big to be accidentally swallowed. ;-)
Easy Order Process
Pay securely online
no risk.
Our ordering process is easy. Upload your picture; define a cutout line, design your prints and checkout. Sit back and relax. We print your LTLprint with 24-48 hours upon payment received. In 2-5 days your unique LTLprints get drop shipped right to your door. Enjoy your new print made just for you exactly how you want it!